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Our dynamometer's advantages

Correct car engine tuning without dynamometer is not an easy trick. Although people believe such equipment is expensive. This is true, but not for dynos from Dynomax.
With more than ten years of experience in chip tuning and preparing cars for races, we have designed and started to produce our own chassis dynamometers: reliable and accurate, with wide functionality and great price!

Revolutionary Wireless Software
Full Synchronisation
Easy installation
Works with any gadget
Special edition belts
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Chassis dynamometers supports testings for performance, diagnostics, break-in, research and development, education and training.

About us

Dynomax Industrial was founded in 2005.
For more than a decade we have been engaged in chip-tuning, engine constructions and preparing cars for races. In our everyday work we have used dynos of different models. Now, this experience allows us to produce our own chassis dynamometers -reliable, accurate, with wide functionality and specially designed for heavy duties.
Our office and manufacturing facilities are located in Tallinn, Estonia. This allows us to deliver our products and provide complete customer support in very short time. We help our customers to install and to start using the equipment, providing all necessary trainings through Internet or directly in place of your work. Our dynos are already used by car performers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia

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Dynomax technology


Rolls special processing and balancing provides a low vibration, superior traction and creates a large inertial mass which is necessary for accurate measurements. Axles are designed for loads up to 3000 kg


AWD models are equipped with multi-roll system for quick and easy vehicle installation and greater inertial mass. All axes are synchronized for measuring cars with all gear types.


We can construct dyno for your individual needs. According to you needs we will create ideal dynamometer for your business. Rolls diameter, axles and electromagnetic brakes number – there will be no limitation! .


Electronic components and software have been designed taking into account the real performers needs. Multi-layer controller board is packed in durable case. You can test vehicles with output up to 2000 hp. and get to know: torque, power (of the engine and wheels) ), boost pressure, composition of the exhaust gases the AFR, transmission loss, exhaust gas temperature.

7 reasons to choose Dynomax

We create a custom dyno for individual orders

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Practical in use

Practical in use and affordable in price because created by professional engine tuning specialists

Multi-rolls system

Multi-rolls system for quick and easy car installation and greater inertial mass

Synchronized axles

Synchronized axles allows safely measuring of cars with all drive types and driver support systems

High accuracy measurements

High accuracy measurements and professional data processing

Long-term heavy loads

Mechanical and electronics parts are designed for long-term heavy loads

Quick support

Quick customer support and training

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Please, call us, write us a letter or contact through the contact form below – we’ll answer you asap and will find exact solution for your business with the best price you can find on the market!